Thursday , August 11 2022

The World Health Organization is WHO


Since the beginning of February, Brussels has fourteen times confirmed cases. By 2018, there were only 13 cases. Last Friday, the World Health Organization's organization warned of this. Epidemic.

Although 2018 is not yet final, the WHO is recognized by the WHO Recently Europe has seen rising levels of measles. Our country does not follow the European trend. In 2018, the number of measles measles was 120 when it was 369. But in Brussels, epidemics are rising again.

The columns of Didir Goswi (DFF) are explained in the morning The Hour This increment can be elaborated by diagnostic movements, and are intended to take preventive measures, but the other provisions are not capable of:This is not a decision to accept unilaterally in Brussels. This policy should be equal to the entire area ".

Vaccination will explain this epidemic. The first dose, at the age of one year, has a target of 95% of the World Health Organization. This is the size of the second dose, 10 or 11 years, which is still insufficient: it is 75 percent.

Clement Bracier, a member of a health director, also points to a number of reasons. "When children grow older, like the time of the second dose, they often see a health professional, and vaccination goes back to the background.

To be aware of this problem, the High Doctor of Health is currently considering the possibility of reducing the vaccination age for the second dosage. "It's time to take up the position, but that's fine", Clement Brasízer in DH describes.

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