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The current board of directors is Renault


Video – Director Philip Legoite, Thierry Bolor is the owner of the company. The company's number two. The state wants to set up "temporary governance".

The Tokyo Prosecutor's Office confirmed the custody of CEO of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motor and Automobiles. The board of directors of the Renault group is running for about 19 hours. According to AFP quoted sources, management should take up an interim interest in the management of the Renault's management, Philip Legateate and Thierry Bolor. The decision was taken following the expulsion of Nissan Board of Directors. Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) intends to "expel faster".

Carlos Gosne was arrested a few months ago for Japanese auto makers Nisso's domestic inquiry. The company's president, Hiroto Saikawa, spoke of "a lot of scams like corporate proprietary rights for personal purposes". He condemned the "dark side of the Ghoseian period," he said, adding that the increasing problem of the president's automobile alliance represented by the "problem".

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However, the rating agency observed the long-term invasion of Standard & Poor's Nissa, with "negative consequences". This ugly gesture for the group indicates that it is possible to reduce this rating in the future. Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuo will not be able to control its alliance with President Carlos Gosons and Builder's. Renault pointed this to him. Nissan has tried to add an alliance with Renault. The Renault Nisan BV supervises the activities of the monks. Nissan has alleged that the evidence of helplessness is helpless.

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French authorities hope

Many members of the executive board responded in this case on Monday. In the 4 truths, Home Minister Christophe Castaner considered him to be "the staff of the Renault Group." The government has made it clear that there is "no factor" in the ongoing process in Japan against Carlos Gosnice. "I allowed Japan to make justice," quitting Bueau's boss and not talking much about the state.

François François Bruno Le Meyer of France said, "Carlos Gosnan is no longer headed by the group." He said that. However, he does not expel the state to honor the innocence of the innocent. Berz's tenant thinks the inauguration of the leader will "weaken", adding: "More causes to act quickly and clearly." So the government wants an interim "new rule" for the auto mob. The minister will call his Japanese counterparts to ask for further steps to better understand the reasons for the custody of Lebanese leader in France. Wanted to establish Maeor builder's staff in Bruno,[traite] "He wanted to" unite "that alliance:" We are deputy chief executive officer Thierry Bollore, high standards, "he explained, adding that Berzia had checked the tax system of Carlos Gosnen, and in Bruno Maure said" there is nothing special to report " However, the official is real To ensure that the bison can not be paid his taxes in France, that includes the "secret tax".

"The Alliance keeps stability"

Yesterday night, the president Emmanuel MacRonn was now concentrating on considering the priority: Renault Nisan Mitsubishi hold the "sustainability of the alliance". The Japanese government spokesman said the situation was very sad. But Japanese authorities refuse the moment when the case comes to judiciary.

Many voices have come up to call out as soon as possible from Carlos José. The MP (PS) Boris Vallad said the maiden morning. "I expect no speed and we know exactly what we mean," he adds. "On the stability of entrepreneurs" to ensure "France". The former president and now candidate of the list (EELV) in respect of the allegations relationship with the European jadearrumayulla proven UNIX, "of course, a statement that the public will not be able to continue to head the Senate renatt of the group. French politicians are wary of the moment, niraparadhitvattinre manikkunnavarayirikkum estimate, but the Automobile Khyattinre all hope that the situation of stability and faster.

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The weather conditions for Rinaul employees were cold on Tuesday. Employees of the Renault factory in Flinance (Yevvivens) returned to work after studying one day before their CEO was arrested. In the lines of cars that cross the barriers of the industrial site is less of those who want to talk about this subject. But when some people abandon their feelings, basically they are in their hearts. "We're Hated", there are many employees in France's oldest Renault plant. "For me, my bread has come … (and) well done what has to happen to him," Makakal says, adding that at the end of 2017, it has 2,437 employees in the factory for three months. Co-workers, he does not want to give his last name.

On Tuesday morning, Tata Motors saw its sales fall by 5.7 per cent to 950.7 Juan. Renault slumped 1.19 per cent to close below 19,000-mark last week.

Renault-Nissan's Mitsubishi Galaxy continues to sell its stock

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