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The agenda of the 10 series with the most expectations

The world's hero in the streaming is capable of defending the arrival of Disney.

Netflix is ​​dominant Otugo os Telecommuting rights to 149 million subscribers.

how many And will turn away 2019 Disney service

Your history To keep The world leader is always trying to invest in the series.

You are a pit without money. During the time of the clay, the Colossus will try to break out of time when it produces all the rounds.

It is expected to rise to about 10.3 12.3 billion $ As.

This is a frame for three letters Strategy High risk:

– Unusual development of new shows.

– New seasons in the series.

– Compilation of old serials catalog.

The agenda will be unbelievably declared when considering these three factors Charge The next few weeks.

June 5

Black Mirror Season 5

Netflix had a good nose to restore the series Abandoned According to Channel 4 after two seasons.

Display the image of Charlie Brooker Ice Cream with the non-free episodes of each other Running water Capacity of new technologies.

Little disappointment, this season is only 5 counted 3 episodes. Issue: Time-consuming production Bummer's, Available interactive episode from the late 2018s.

S05E02 Actors, Sorry for the second episode of this fifth season Sunglasses Mile cirrus.

June 13

Jinn's season 1

The first series in the language Arabic Especially popular streaming service with two ingredients for Netflix marie: Teen and Beyond.

This production Jordan How do students contradict their will to a stronger scrutiny?

The theme has been installed in the heart of the stunning site Historical From Petra.

June 14


Afterwards Lord of Bombay And TerroristMakes another call to Netflix Skill From India.

This dystopia gives life to an oppressed society Holiness.

It's in this background Dictatorship A few years ago she tried to find a girl arrested.

June 21

Dark season 2

Between temporary bogus and mysterious disappearances, the forest in the German series and the nuclear power plant Dark And they will deliver all Secrets.

Apocalypse This second season's hidden trailer is announced.

June 27


Production Brazilian In the first season, he caught the attention OS Collido.

The pandal island In an isolated village, immunization drugs and three doctors in a trap Unusual Mystical Community.

June 28

Family business

Netflip's new French comedy installs the plan in the butcher's store Domestic Kosher.

Do not forget your ideas, your son's applause Legacy jathy The ganja is smuggling a small business into a coffee shop.

The Please Gerard Deron, Jonathan Cohen, Lilio Rover or … Walry Dannidot.

Netflix: The most unexpected series agenda
Jonathan Cohen and Gerard Doran lead the family business characters.


June 30

6 times

Recover or Keep An old, successful series may be expensive for a nefalic.

So the streaming service was distributed 100 million $ To full broadcast Friends In 2019.

This is a safe ball that runs on the platform Clearly Recover at least six seasons See you. The exhibition creator Ryan Murphy's nefron contract is in the range.

This is the opportunity Find again William McKinley High School, his bags, covers, and choreographies.

July 4th

Stanners things Season 3

This is "the" Return The best hope is in 2019.

This is the series, which stayed until 2018 Phenomenon Unknown things The third end.

The small town of Hawkins will come again Torture Imminent events.

As a platform for young stars: summer 1984 Inauguration of a large mall called a Starcor Mall.

July 19

Padappal Kasa third party

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Famous There are tunes, but the Spanish series Good casa Leaving the lid of the antenna 3 network.

The third Only Supports the streaming giant.

The surviving heroes are now beginning to sink after a successful break Happy. But they will suddenly catch up with their confessions.

July 26

Orange is the new Black Season 7

Lichfield Preparing to pay Jail Last Its gates.

Season Season Orange is brand new It will be the last.

Netflix is ​​moving towards the curtain after an accident 2013.

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