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Thad Satsof's "Comic Writing" Diving


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"AR Abe Du Fuerter", Volume 1. Author SATTOUF / ALLARY EDITIONS

In all comics, we will never succeed if we can not succeed. When Riyadh Sawthaf lived for four months in the public information library (BPI) at Center Pompido, Center Pompido in Paris, the phrase is the shortlist of occupants. 9E Art Spiegelman (2011), Claire Bretttser (2015), Andre Frakwin (2016) – Sorry.

Perhaps depression may occur in the comic in the middle of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.E And 5E The building's dimensions, "only" in the library's library, could not be prevented: At each entity a artist issued a separate institution at the entrance to the boating point of entry.

Riyadh satouf could not escape. Within a few years, the designer became an important author of Contemporary Comics The& # 39;Arab of the futureAutobiographical Sava in the Middle East (Libya, Syria) translates into twenty languages ​​and sold 1.5 million copies (4E Released in late September).

Read Riyadh Sathouff's "The Arab of the Future": The Body of Success

Margan SatrapiAnd in Surzilla) Or Joan Spar (The cat's cats) In the past, Riyadh Sawafe finds that his stone is expanding every year to the phenomenon of the comic strip decodorelation in a compound. Most readers will not be fans of comic, but readers use public opinion books rather than specific bookstores. Considering these beautiful and eternal exhibits, three scientists (sociologist, cartoon historian, professor of French literature) supervised.

The natural gift to translate the original

The& # 39;Arab of the future Invite visitors to find out the other benefits of the author. His "success" is The Beautiful childrenIn 2009, he produced a feature film by classifying his two albumsThe secret life of young people, return to college). But Satouf – Harperpas Pascal Brettel, an admirer of Sylvester Stallone and Francesco Trafatt, won the Golden Fow Award for Best Album in Anguloom in 2010), the Pirate Farnauer bird (or the learner to fly), or Jeremiah.

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