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Stock Market: How the market is moving before the commencement of Tuesday

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On Tuesday morning, the New York Stock Exchange to a contemporary balance. After the uncompromising commercial statements of the Donald Trumpet, investors are more careful with the week's beginning.

The New York Park's leading index, Dow Jones Industrial Industry Futures, is expected to drop by 0.16% to 24,560. Nasda, which has strong technical color, lost 0.43 per cent to 6644.50 points before the opening of the market. On the other hand, the S & P 500 was down 0.22% to 2664, its lowest since July 2008.


"The market took a march last Tuesday," but it is difficult to talk about a turnout. Nothing in this will happen until the US-China meeting is more important to the market, "financial experts at Christopher Dreibig and Saxo Bank participating in the G20 summit.

The US president said there was no possibility of fixing the customs duties for $ 200 billion imported products from China. This is just a few days before the Chinese summit. G20.

Dembik says, "The market is still in Italy and in the UK Lookout, where we will see the signs of rest, even if nothing has been done.During December, the Brettte agreement passed the Parliament's filter and the negotiations between Rome and Brussels will last for weeks."

For Italy, the Italian government now does not seem to be difficult. Now the 2019 budget is ready to make a compromise with Brazil. However, to reduce stress on the financial markets.

The decision to end the European Union on December 11 will be decided by the British Parliament.


Hong Kong Stock Exchange closes There was a crucial meeting between Sin Jinping and the Donald Trump, who threatened new preservatives in failed debates.

Trade fighter between America and China can reach a new level. At the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, The President will visit his Chinese representative.

In the absence of an agreement between the two leaders, the Donald Trump threatened to pay extra "267 billion dollars" additional customs duties. That is, all the Chinese imports that exclude tax.

In a Wall Street Journal article on Monday, the US administration has found "very unlikely" to abstain from implementing these new tariffs.

The President of the United States said that the "single contract" in the eyes of the Donald Trump is to open China up to "the US competition."

Stephen Innes (Onadia) was afraid of this stand-up during the G20 summit this weekend, fearing a "trunk warship trump than Donald's cheat."

In the agenda

The consumer confidence of the Conference Board in the Evening Party is also afoot in the afternoon.

Investors also look to the comments of the Federal Reserve. President Jerome Powell is on a rise in the interest rate.

The US GDP has increased substantially. The Federal Reserve may raise interest rates by 2019, depending on the collapse of the global economy.

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