Monday , May 29 2023

Says Alexander de Crew


In light of the latest developments, Pandemic’s figures are sufficient to simplify control measures. “In mid-JanuaryPrime Minister Alexander de Crew told VTM News on Sunday.

In Belgium, four people will die due to Kovid-19 during this television program“, He underlined.

When asked about the request of the French-speaking Minister-President Pierre-Yves Jeholette (MR) to submit to the Consortium Committee on December 18 to reconsider the action, de Crew recalled that the meeting had already been scheduled for other issues, including details of the vaccination strategy and the shipping costs for people returning from abroad.

Any decision should be made there based on statistics and opinions and the end of the year is very sensitive, he said. The situation in Canada has risen again since the concession granted for Thanksgiving on October 12.

When asked about pressure from MR to relax certain rules, Alexander de Crew replied that he needed to monitor the messages expressed by members of his government. Federal Ministers Speak “Together“He says when they talk.”We demand sacrifices, so a clear and unified stand is needed, and ministers stand firm on it“.

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