Wednesday , March 22 2023

Russia: Zerberenovov directors go to trial


Moskov has filed a lawsuit against director Kiril Zerbrer Nenko, who says that the terrorist in Russia's theater could house out a house to house a house. ".

133 million rubles (1.7 million euros) and general subsidies have been charged against the Kiran Sebrebrnenko for the Macedonia theater. Thank you for quotes and invoices quoted between 2011 and 2014.

When the 49-year-old director and director was arrested again in his home in July, the case was summarized as a word, "foolishness".

In the middle of October, he began trial, a series of closed techniques and sessions in Moscow's Moscow court. 06H30 from GMT on Wednesday, the second part submitted to Merit to the public for the public.

The arrest took place between 21 August 22nd, 2017, in Kiril Zerbrnerkov's St. Petersburg.

The Russian court ordered four months later. The director's assets and assets, including his apartment and car, were seized. Several companions are being tried in this case.

– continues to work –

Kiran Sebrebrnnikov is for supporters of the rising orthodox values ​​in Russia, where artists are under increasing pressure.

Unless President Vladimir Putin opposed, Királi Siberovnikov often criticized these pressures. Orthodox activists or authorities are often criticized for addressing his works, politics, religion and sex.

In his house arrest, Kiran Zerebrenkovich will not take part in the competition in May and will not participate in the competition with Leto ("Summer"). Editing done at home.

In December 2017, his first film 'Balle Nareyav', which was submitted to the Soviet dance director, was lost in 2016. He went to the west in 1961 and founded Bolsoy in Moscow. The controversy over whether the delay in the first six months would be delayed.

In the last week, Oleg Zerbränernavich was nominated in three categories. "Masque de & amp; Or" featured exhibitions in Russia last season. Mozart's "Kosi fan tute" program was held on Sunday in Switzerland's Zurich Opera House.

In 2012, Kirill Seraberinov, head of the gigol center, became one of the nervous centers of contemporary culture in Moscow. In particular, he starred in The Dead Souls, a novel by Nicholas Gogol's novel. It was celebrated in 2016 at the Festival of Avignon, south of France.

"There has been a war with Gogol Center since he took over," writer John Friedman, a contemporary Russian theater specialist in Moscow, said in Moscow.

Since his arrest, several calls for raising allegations against him, international art cultural films such as the World Cup of Russian Arts, Kate Blanchett, president of the jury of the Festival of Cannes in 2018, and former French Francoise Nancy.


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