Thursday , June 8 2023

Phout 76: A move to start faster? Bethesda responds to the rumor


A few days later, A rumor on the web: Fallout 76 will be coming soon Free-to-play. The origin of this gossip? Okay, Playing games, An Australian distributor, had more copies of the multiplayer role-playing game on its shelves, do not worry customers.

Some surfers in their great horses explained Bethesda On social networks, and The studio answered quickly, no, Fallout 76 is not ready to enter Free-to-play, Rumor is not fully proven. Playing games The information is wrong and the distributor will continue to sell copies Fallout 76. When he passes by, he remembers Three Year Edition Selling $ 79.95 on its shelves, it still screws up …

To play Fallout 76, you have to pay for everyone else, Bethesda I do not intend to review the financial model of the title.

Test – Getout 76: A bad multiplayer game is not more solo

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