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Parents say about a cold


The only proven methods for cooling are cold water and reduced contact. But if parents deliberately understand them, they will not lay on more randomly cooked cadets.

"Warm your hair!", "Dry your hair!", "Take your vitamins!" … Children, know that: If your parents exploit you all, all things. According to a study conducted by the Institute for Market Research and Auditing, 70 percent of parents had their own admission "Folk" CF Mode Children's Hospital and Michigan University's GFK.

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The best practices in a time when you are not aware of viruses and their transmission method are still a good life. According to this study 1119 people aged 5 to 12 years, 52 percent of parents said that their descendants should not wear a damaged hair. Effectively proved effective in moving the cold. Keeping your head warm will keep your body warm. But that does not change whether it's your cool boy or not.

Another popular reflex: heating children 48% parents ask home to stay home to keep the baby cool. 23% of parents encourage the child to leave. The second is true: The good health of your body holders is essential for treating particular sex, intensity cold, air conditioning, physical activity, and safely promoting viruses in the infected (infectious winters are beautiful.

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More than 50 percent of researchers (51 percent) were allowed to prevent their care products from being cold. Of these 47% vitamin C, 15% Zinc, 11% Echiria (which helps to prevent and cure a disease) and the immune system to 25%.

In the 1970s, Nobel laureate Linus Polling sang chemistry. Vitamin C supplementation of the highest quantities was successful. Despite the cold announcement, many studies and meta analyzes showed that it does not reduce delay or symptoms.

About Echinacea, "The quality of these studies is dialectical," it can not be seen in the plant's immunity, and German lingo-rheo-otology in the journal of the literature reviewers published last August. As with other herbal preparations, it may be dangerous and "significant interactions with specific medications," remember the authors of Meta-Analyzes published in the pharmacological research in January.

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For the zinc, the condition is low. Published in the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2014, took 24 hours in the first symptoms, leading to lowering of cold winter in healthy people. As with a chemistry, there is no scarcity of the disease that is less likely to have a side effects associated with cinjas. Writing of German Meta analysis on defense, "sufficient recommendation is currently not available".

Hygiene and limited relationships

Authors recollect that "fountains, which are often transmitted from one person to another, are caused by the virus." "The most common form, nose or mouth," is transmitted through cough, sneezing, virus hands, face or surface, and material.

Actually effective methods of preventing the possibility of infection are limited. Interviewed methods of adopting a large number of parents have been interviewed. Their 99 per cent of children tell their children about basic hygiene rules (not to wash their hands, or to share with anyone else), and 84% to limit their child's atmosphere (including cleaning the house and cleaning of toys often) to a relationship with 87% of patients.

Parents, confess your beliefs. It is not a reason why your child's precautions and remedies can be avoided even if you feel cold from cold to cold drought. Useless grandmother

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