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Operation Red Coins: Christian Clavier is looking red on the desktop


A father who plays the red coins, is a French actor.

The big night of Tilawi is just a corner. On April 27, many guests who invited guests were shut off last year at 12,114,560 euros. A record that re-releases RTL-TVV this year with a massive mobilization action 31st Edition.

Attendance to buy maximum funds in the four corners of Belgium when waiting for the big day. As a part of, Bel RTL activity presents red coins. The goal is to collect all the factions we have hung in our pockets (1, 2, 5 cents) under our bag or car and donate to Telvivive to help research. Cancer.

This first edition of red coins depicts the unusual sponsor Christian Clavier. French actor And bronze And Visitors (Only these two sagas) are supported by this project. "These pieces are directly helpful in research, which has already made great advancesHe says. There is no further meaning to wasting efforts or money to look at the results. That's what encourages people to participate more. "

Berlin will take up this job through RTL's broadcasting We have cork. Reduced animations (25,000 pig banks will be available at Volkswagen and Brussels at 138 free branches). Leon Bauchene, his girlfriend, goes straight with his pigeon banks. "I heard the question of how far away from the small room scattered out of the house, I was surprised to see what they could do with them. As soon as they do in France, they suddenly found solutions to help them in supporting the Tale."With Bourse, Leone in Bowen, along with these famous Biggri banks, on March 2, it has been filled with all the programs in a different belt of the Belgian province.


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