Monday , June 5 2023

New residence for people with Alzheimer's in Quebec City


Close Private reserve for Alzheimer's patients in Quebec City

Humanietti, located in Bulelevt Lubourgnif, can accommodate 170 people. The residents intended to restore the situation for a living where they could stay.

The Indoor Garden Range, Do-e-Yourself, a working bench, and a small garage that used the old car in the hands of the residents.

Owners inspired similar institutions in Europe to create this idea that is unique in Canada.

"We have done everything in the world in the same project," said Heravage Group President França Audet.

The management of the institution is of great importance as it promotes the activities of the residents. The Lovely University researcher has been given special training in the field of expertise in the field.

Each resident will have to spend 4500 USD humane complex every month. The second stage is under construction.

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