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Expect unusual turnover tomorrow. The SRB filed a complaint with the civil party.

The former Burgess Master Francois returned to the Superman Superman Supervisory Authority. Self-destructive. When Monsen's current mayor Francis Skimannes (MR) came out on Tuesday, Free And D. They did not know the scope of the problems. But they have argued for the modernization of society. "I think this is a management issue, we do not forget that all parties are represented, in the majority of the board of directors and opponents of the"The former mayor says.

To specify: "The Molenbeekois house is not a municipal mansion, so we do not have control over it, Brussels and the Housing Corporation of Brussels Regional (SLRB) this folder." The ball is selected for the Brazilian Selin Fremaul (CDH) and Supervisory Authority. However, the SLR One of the sides of the B has not been alerted to the person taking responsibility for self-responsibility. "In the last meeting of 2018, SLRB accounts were not accepted

(Housing Moran Bakey, DLRR)
All shareholder owners. That was a strong message "
Says Vice Lemance, general manager. Another factor: On July 19, 2018, a meeting called Francois skimmins was held. "SRB has done its work"He constrains.

Clynm Franklin asked the SBB because of that mission's end, "The king's own lawyer who investigates these facts urgently denies these facts." The case was filed on Monday night by the Civil Suite and directed to take action on public hearings. Céline Freeman expressed her desire, "As envisaged in Section 78 of the Housing Code, the forces of LoganMen's organs are suspended and replaced with the SLRB Regulation Period."

Setting the current management is not relevant. "We will not control a company like this"Yves Lemmens says. Directors of an extraordinary board in the business are expected to take this decision on Thursday, after examining all legal questions. History to avoid procedural defects …

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