Monday , June 5 2023

MELBOURNE: The new slap for Monaco and the Tielemen, has been suspended by Mets in Cupcourse france


Red Devils

The Career Career ended on Tuesday in the Monaco Coupon de Font 1 / 16th final.

Monegasques FC Metz omitted. You, leader of Liver 2, won by 1-3 at Yuri Taylman's Eyes.

Monaco was expected to change Tuesday with a good performance in the tournament after Straussburg lost 1-1 to Ligue 1-1 last weekend. And that's nothing. Gauthier Hane in the 32th minute hit an ATM ball. Ramaal Falcao (39) soon made it clear to his family members. But in the second phase, the problems of Monaco were rebuilt.

Mats scored 62 runs in the quarter-finals. He scored a hundred in the 74th minute and a century from Thierry Henry.

Lee Isaac is in a double stroke

Aaron Lyons Shakesh scored two goals in the eighth semi-final of Gore de France for the Tourhouse.

Thomas Focate and George Engels have been fined TNF on remedies under the Department of Defense. After 120 minutes both teams were 4-4.

Mikhail Badshi's little brother started to score goals in the league (44 & # 39; s). Booleo Bia (48) and Remy Audin (77) both scored in the 2-1 (68th).

Though he tried to bring the 83rd ranked Laya Isacca Tilouse under control, Reemes chose to play twice in the overtimes of Xavier Chavelier.

Every 30 minutes they kept their promises. Matthew Caffaro was to deliver a second successive victory at the age of 108. In the final moments opened a penalty shootout at Penalty Toulouse, which transformed Max-Alain Gradel.

In this episode, four shots were changed from the golf course to the TFZ. Lee Ayska – three times for raim, excluding Chavelein and Cafe's errors.


Portugal, F.C. Portugal qualified for the league final. Benfica lost 1-3 in the semifinal. In the Lisbots matches, the mile swirl is ahead. In the first half, Belgian goalkeeper Yasin Brahimi (24), Mausa Marega (35) and Rafa Silva (31) helped the team. At the end of the game, Fernando's last goal (86) surpassed the expectations of Benfica and was second behind Porto.

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