Thursday , June 8 2023

Marche pour le climat: la SNCB prévoit plus de trains mais …



La SNCB va renforcer son trains off the coast of the city and trains the trains that are on their way to the "green ticket" prize cette fois-ci.

In the context of the conclusion, the SNCB discusses the possibility that the organizers of the convention will be able to comply with the possibilities of the voyageurs. A cette occasion, the SNCB was renewed for trains to train trains and trains to survive. La nouvelle marche en faveur du climat, Rise For Climate, it's a little bit of Bruxelles. Ecolo insiste insisted on the development of the turif spare as a result of the manifestation. La députée Sarah Schiltz interpellera demain de la mobilité, François Bellot (MR), à ce sujet.

La SNCB has been working on a green ticket for the summer season. The "week-end" of the monthly end of the month, the 50% mains cher que billet standard, is more than 70% .

Ainsi, concrètement:

La SNCB provides services to 10 trains suppléments alles-retour au départ de plusieurs villes du pays. De plus, 36 trains seront renforcés. Dans les trains arrivant entrée 12h et 14h Bruxelles-Nord, plus de 50.000 places seront ainsi au total proposées, ce qui correspondingly un doument off dere. The point of view is on the basis of the middle of the report.

Par excellence, concerns the SNCB assurer, 5 trains are in the Bruxelles-Luxembourg and Bruxelles-Nord. L'entreprise ferroviaire invites users to invite their registrar to the grievances of the group by sending them a copy of the report to the diffuser of the flux.

Pour les persones qui souhaitent se rendre Bruxelles ce dimanche-ci, SNCB invite les voyageurs à:

– So you can add a billet «week-end», 50% moins cher qu'un billet standard

– So, in fact, we have a group of 15 people, with a capacity of 70%.

– Le Pass passes at the time of the production of 26 m.

"La SNCB is a travel agent who lets trainers to participate in the expedition of flights, as well as the casualties, the casualties and the risks of trains. There is an expansion of the voyageurs of the déplacer avant 12h. For example, the SNCB invites the voyageurs to anticipate the title of the transport (which can be found on the internet site) or a file that you can use to automate the file"exploit Vincent Bayer, porte-parole de la SNCB.

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