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Immanuel's Pratt hides the silence: "The Artillery Used me as a Skirt"

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It's done with RTL and columnist. Immanuel Pretty gave an interview The Hour.

Closet stiletos and make-up came close to Inkumon Preet Inelen release.

The collaboration of the commentator of Commerz's term ended on Tuesday evening Not every Sunday sunday On TVWe created the world again On the radio.

"Living together does not live with Emmanuel", As usual, directly presenting a Tonal Journalist, who did not regret her comments last Sunday.

On the day that George came out of the studio in Avenue Avenue, Emanuelle Pretel was not far from the imagination. "One of the speakers managed to take me: & # 39; in good conversation! & # 39; The yellow colored clothes were waiting for me as I walked out, so my carriage moved the underground. For I have said, I see them not; In the meantime, I also met colleagues, including Pascal Verbos. Nobody told me anything. On the contrary, I spoke very well. At about 3 o'clock, I received a voice message from Georges Hurarono, saying that the management sent a press note. I'm reminding him. I underline my thinking and we always offered the same vote. But as usual, I had to say very briefly, very briefly. In the air."

Emmanuel Pratt convinced Emmanuel N-V to replace the word.

After this call her best friend, the refugee Emmanuel Pret, decides to completely cut off from the media and social networks.

"This was an opportunity to think about what I still wanted to do and not accept that I did not. I've been in Rtl Pav after 10 years. I thought that if I could not express my ideas I would be able to discuss it. I've been working hard for this Sunday's exhibition. Every day I have prepared my discussions on Saturday and Sunday.

"I did not try for a vote, but before I vote, it's quite different, it's a lot different, I do not think who is voting for everyone, I'm inviting intellectual reflection, but I do not understand what I said badly, but differ from my employer It's free to make."

A journalist does not show neutrality based on a journalist judicial report. "I do not think this is about the freedom of the media, but a discussion on freedom of expression. I thank everyone who welcomes this unforgiving freedom and welcomes this freedom.. "

Immanuel Pratt says that RTL will seek her as judicial reporter for several years Dh). "I used to be a puppy, and did not allow me to leave this story anymore. Yet even journalist ideas, I gave them a series!"

The housework was difficult to share in the stomach every Sunday with a stomach. "On the radio, the place is actually left in the discussion. & # 39; We Rear the World & # 39; The atmosphere was quite different. On Sunday, I was always scared of any wrongdoing or error. I got a little talk. I was excited. But I have no choice. I am a single woman with two children."

Without wanting to play "The Cosette", Emanuel Pratt said last year unemployment experienced. "I do not find my friends on who I am, but I'm not looking for them. I was not there. I am very sensitive and thank you all who support me since Sunday. "

Let's admit that they only met once in the TV set, including Theo Franklin.

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