Sunday , May 28 2023

How to print a document on your Android smartphone?


You may have to print a file (photo, text, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet …) from your smartphone. For a long time, this simple manipulation was complicated, but Google's team of Android was eventually turned into a simple solution.

To print from your smartphone you'll need:

After installing apps, you need to make your printer available for your smartphone, open Chrome and type in the address bar: Chrome: // Tools.

You will see this menu:

Click on the button Add printers Select the printers you want to add before validation:

On your smartphone, click Menu Settings> Advanced Settings> Printing (the app can launch directly from the list of applications on some smartphones).

Select Google Cloud Print and now find your printer in printer list:

You can now print directly to your printer from your Android smartphone. Please note that: To work properly, you need to turn on your computer. Second Walk in Relay between your smartphone and printer.

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