Tuesday , March 28 2023

He fell for the PS5, convincing his wife that it was an air purifier


AFP / C.Tribellio

A video game lover in Taiwan, he tried to convince his wife that the last console he had just bought was an PlayStation 5 എയർ air purifier. A Russ who did not really get the desired result.

The bigger, the better. At least that’s what a Taiwanese gamer must have thought. After investing in Sony’s latest console, the PS5, the Taipei resident tried to convince his wife that the item was an air purifier.

Unfortunately, the latter quickly realized that the sophisticated game console was hiding under these futuristic forms.

Some people’s misfortune …

Fox32 reports that when Rosepot was discovered, his wife forced him to resell the console.

This story still has the potential to make someone happy. While the console sells almost everywhere, it is found to be second hand and barely used by buyer Jin Wu, who told the whole story on Facebook. In his opinion, sales women were busy getting away with it … even at a discount.

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