Friday , September 30 2022

Greenpeace accuse les biscuits Oreo de déforestation


L'association internationale de défense de l'environnement Greenpeace has led to the production of fabrication of biscuits oreo, mardi, and accelerated mortgage contribution to the destruction of the destinations of the Indos.

Dans un tweet, one of the most famous actors of the day: "Nous sommes all goes to go" déforestation "à Mondelez". L'association s'est présentée au siège de l'entreprise, "according to the" disclaimer of the de facto "issue of" deserteurs de forêt ".

There is a great deal of relevance to the place, where a child is in a position that he or she does not like to work.

Greepeace is a member of the Royal Institute of Management and is a subsidiary of "plus plus sales", notam Wilmar. You will be able to answer "the great plus menace for men's tropical indonces".

Sur son site internet en anglais, Greenpeace accuses the province of destroying "25 000 hectares of habitat pour orangs-outans" and "70 000 hectares de forêt" de deux ans. Ses fournisseurs have been accused of being trapped and trapped in the ouvriers.

L'association propose aux internautes de The crèche une vidéo présentant le biscuit sou un jourur, there is no reason to be deemed to be or not. Une pétition There are no modules available for this module.

L'entreprise, produces the portfolios, produces Tober, Cadbury, Côte d'Or, Lu, Mikado, Milka and Tuc (entrepreneurs), and it is also convenient to communicate the suit.

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