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Gastroenteritis breaks out, four departments above the destination

France's footprints are far below the gastroperotherapy infections, but there is still a large presence in the territories. Four departments are much higher than the pandemics.

November 19 to 25 "The number of cases of severe diagnosis found in normal medical consultation declines to 156 infections per 100,000 people.The answer is yes. The average number of cases is on the rise compared to last week (142). However, this week there are at least 162 cases per 100,000 people.

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About 267 cases were reported in 100,000 inhabitants, and Houghs-D-France was the most affected. Provence-Alps-Kot-Azouur (246), the Grand East Regions (197) and Paes de la Loire (177).

The peak of the epidemic can be brought to a national level every week, even if the popular peak is usually recorded in the first two weeks of January.

The number of cases from one year to next year will vary. In 2009-2010, the health authorities in France realized 21 million patients. Each style, the number of consultants varies between 700,000 and 3,7 million.

If we're still far from talking about chicken pox disease, 100,000 people in PACA affect France in 33 cases, none in Pais de la Loire or Corsica.

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