Tuesday , March 28 2023

Formula 1 | After Russell’s performance, is Hamilton still necessary in the Mercedes F1?


After George Russell’s performance yesterday in qualifying, some wondered if Mercedes needed Lewis Hamilton’s second speed, just behind the Voltaire Botas, when it found a badly installed Mercedes W11. In terms of pure performance

Sure, Mercedes is taking full advantage of Britain’s image and influence as an international player, but what do the first three on the starting grid think?

“Of course they still need Lewis because he always knows how to change at crucial moments. That’s why he’s been a seven – time world champion.” Max Verstappen answers.

George Russell is not going to say the opposite. “Yes, as Max said, Lewis is one of the drivers who knows how to make a difference. When there is stress, at important times. Louis has proven time and time again over the years that he has succeeded.

“Then he’s a superstar. You want him instead of Toto Wolf or in your car if you can.”

The most annoying thing to answer is of course Botas, who almost lost to Paul yesterday against his new teammate. It’s less than 26,000, but the honor is safe.

“What can I say … I’m not a team manager, but if I were, I would want my team to get the best dual. That’s how it works, so yes, Lewis will be one of them. I do not care about these things. “

“I understand the meaning of the question, because George almost beat me. It seems that the media is always looking for an angle to criticize me. No matter what you do in F1, you will face criticism somehow. Sometimes more, sometimes less. , But there are always people to criticize or complain about. “

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