Wednesday , March 22 2023

Fiber is very important in gluten-free diets


According to a study by the Copenhagen researchers, the gluten free diet, which is used to reduce intestinal irritation.

Many studies have proved to be a food Low in gluten Reduce Gastroastest Disorders This findings reveal a study published in Nature Communications in Copenhagen that this improvement in intellectual wellbeing Fibers.

When a person changes his diet and changes wheat or rye fiber, brown rice fiber in gluten-free diet, or vegetables or quinolas, is a function of the gluten-free diet Cox The hut is contained Change. This change allows the bacterial eczema to function well and improve intestinal care.

As a result, a sample of 60 healthy Danish adolescents was analyzed. For eight weeks, this category is low in gluten diet (2 g per day). In another eight weeks, a diabetes containing gluten (18 grams per day). These two stages of food are separated by a single glaton (12 grams per day) typically within six weeks.

After analyzing these tests, the researchers found that the deficiency of intestinal remedies relates mainly to the structure of intestinal rings.

It has been proven that gluten-free food items have already undergone significant progress. Health. This study proves more and more Type and volume of fibrous fibers The intestine also served free food habits. Improves intestinal health

In this study, the use of gluten free foods is not meant to change, because many of the mange products are fibers. If you follow a gluten-free diet, then the important thing is good Fix it For example the lack of wheat or brown rice fibers or vegetable rye fiber.

Researchers call for the construction of gluten free or gluten products High fiberTo reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disorders.

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