Monday , June 5 2023

Entering the history of the Oscars



This is the first thing: Malvell superheroes for the best film. Dear And Roma Under appointments.

#OscarSoWhite hashtag will not succeed this year. of course, Roma Alfonso Cuarón is nominated for the 91st Academy Awards in Mexico Dear (10 each), Blickklassasmum Spie Lee (6) If Bail Street can tok Barry Jinkins (3) plays the outsiders in denial of racism, and most importantly Black panther Ryan Kogler enters the history of the ceremony, after presenting the diversity of superbero. Marvel had not competed before a massive Oscar match.

So, the best gains for Netflix (the makers Roma), The public Black panther

(7 meetings)
The second most popular movie in 2018 ($ 1.3 billion in revenue) Heirs: Infinity War His 2 billion earnings. Another box office champion, Bohemian nightpiece Five papers are successful Green book.

Leaders of the #MeTo movement, on the other hand, take the lead. She has not signed any of the eight best films in the category of director. It will be much better in the standards of perspectives: two more will appear among the 18 writers in the selected ten scripts. So, talking about inequality is Saddam.

The fact that the best actress could produce, Glenn Clock (Wife), Lady Gaga (The star is a star), Yeltsa aperisioRoma), Olivia Colman ((Dear) Or Melissa McCarthy (Can you forgive me?). The first two starts with the first rating, but the marketing campaigns of all studios can be changed by February 24.

One of the actors, Bradley Cooper (disappointing that they should not appear among the best directors, The star is a star), Ville Dafu (In the Gate of Eternity), Ram MalekBohemian nightpiece), Vigo Mortonen (Green book), Christian Bail (the favorite of the booker producers Vice).

If we are sad, in the absence of Timothy, we are acting in the Belgian film Beautiful boyBut the new Mary Popes lost her great Emily Blunt.


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