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Effective meditation to treat post traumatic stress


Meditation is effective in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) therapy as an existing treatment, a study report that treats US troops for treatment of PTSD. Lancet Psychiatry Friday.

Effective meditation to treat post traumatic stress

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) post mortem, post mortem, serious injuries or a panic in the background of sexual arousal.

Repeated internal organs of this event, especially during the night, avoid any element that remembers the troma (place and conditions), especially illness or depression.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is often traced by bombardment victims (about 14 percent of US soldiers working in Iraq or Afghanistan).

Exposure therapy is often used in the treatment system. The gradual revelations about situations, places, pictures, feelings, voice, memories, and memory related memories are included in bringing the person using PTSD. Intensive route to trauma reminders, so reduce the exclusion.

But this habit is a source of 30% -45% of PTSD victims, and the study says.

Researchers at three US universities studied 20.3 former US soldiers studying PTSD.

Military, men and women are divided into three groups:

  • A man did meditate.
  • Second exposure therapy;
  • Third post There is a theoretical course of traumatic stress.

60% of the previous Army participating in meditation, which is 20 minutes each day, has improved their symptoms. In addition, the study was more likely to be completed than the group undergoing anxiety therapy.

In the mind, mind, calmness and peace of mind, the idea of ​​an object or idea is to the mind.

"Learning meditation almost anywhere, without special equipment or personal support"Said the headmaster of the study AFP Sanford Nidich.

"While faced with the problem posed by post-traumatic stresses across the United States, the UK and around the world, the options that medical officers carry out are alternative therapies, such as meditation training."He says.

Created November 18, 2018


Non-trauma innovation and exposure therapy in post traumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled trial – the other for Sanford Ned. – Lancet Virus November 15, 2018 (available online)

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