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Eddie Merck, a double shot from Sold


Eddie Merck, a double shot from Sold

Eddie Mersey (UMB 5) won the Billiards three times in sixth round of World Cup tournament. She won the finals of the Seoul Zone in South Korea. He led the Greek Philipose cassadoscos (UMB 46) to 40-19. Cassidocastas (35-year-old), who won the first World Cup title in 2010, started a match with seven Third Worlds. Merk quickly recovered and lasted four to five times. 22-11. The 2009 World Cup champion Casidocastas advanced to 22-18. Merkel won two goals and four to eight centuries.

The 50-year-old double world champion cassiodocostas has an average of 2,105 rallies. Merkel won the World Cup in 9th game This allows him to step down from the fifth place in the world rankings. The Dutch Dick ignored the first place before Jaspers, but Frederick Quenton continued. Eddie Leppans moved from the nineteenth to seventeenth position.

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