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DRC / Ebola: Ryestost of Beumbe-Bayi diocese – MutfosNet


Bishop Bishop of Beumembo-Beni diocese asked Melkdechik Sikli priests, religious and shepherding agents to strictly adhere to the strict observance of the Christian tombs. This is to strengthen the Catholic Church's commitment in response to Ebola.

The Ministry of Health, providing this information, is giving a certificate of medical certificates, now known as "SWAB", the celebration of the festival of attraction in Parish mosques. This includes taking a saliva sample of the deceased who has tested the laboratory to determine whether the deadly Ebola virus was infected.

For this purpose, the association of patients with the blessings of the blessed empire to their homes or health centers should ensure this system. All necessary arrangements should be made to prevent the source of the blessed empire as a source. Epidemic or epidemic.

If these new dimensions are resistant to a family or neighbor, the parish church has been suspended and some parishes have already occurred.

As a reminder, Monzinger Melkesse Sikli presented the program "Ebola Wife Family", which was part of the "Ebola Passa Mo Moe" campaign in December.


From the beginning of the infection reached 699. Of these, 650 were confirmed and 49 were probable. There were 433 deaths, of which 384 were confirmed and 49 were possible, and 246 were recuperated. The Ministry of Health has reported 252 cases pertaining to the probe. In Katwila 7, in Vowell 2 and Okaka 1 in new cases. There are 4 social deaths in Katwa. There are seven deaths in Ebola treatment centers, 3 in Katwa, 3 in Buumfüle, 1 in Beni. In the meantime, a new person had been healed and Boom was released from CTE.

On August 8, 2018 at Benaz, 20,116 in Katwa, 13,969 in Katwa, 7,414 in Bamboo, 2,080 in Keban, 2,506 in Komandas, 2,080 Gomas 1,911, Mandima 1,663, in Oshha 1,477, Carissimil 1,157, Wuville 877, 750 in Kyoto, 700 Mazurca, Lubero 700, Lubero 599, 442, Bunia 434, 358 in Kenya, 355 in Kyana, 334 in Tikoma, and 334 in Biyanah. 127 in Kirkwall, 125 in Nyarongongo, 114 in Alimbongo, and 13 in Kyrgyzstan.

Of course, only the RVSV-ZEBOV, manufactured by Merk's pharmaceutical group, was vaccinated for use in this explosion after the Decree issued on 19 May 1977 by the Ethics Committee.

Security incident

On Sunday, January 20, 2019, a motorcycle and health worker was engaged in a health check-up in the Comanda Health Zone. After handcuffs and not submitting the temperature control, the raider tried to attack health workers. The motorcycle was arrested by the police. In protest, a group of bikes decided to attack health check up, the life base of agents, and the coordinator of the coeducation response. With the rapid intervention of the police, the physical famine is very short of a few broken chairs in the Coordination Office. Two agents of the response suffered a few injuries.


In addition to medical treatment, the Ministry of Health and Ebola is above all communities. Regularly rinsed with clean sanitizing procedures, especially water, soap and gray. If you are experienced in an epidural area, if you are ill, you should not touch her and do not call her the Northern Cov civil Protection Hotline directly. If an Ebola contact is identified, it is necessary to receive and receive the vaccination within 21 days. If someone died due to Ebola, follow instructions for safe and dirty burials. A burial place where respecting culture and traditions is a means of protecting family and society from the Ebola riots. For all health professionals, monitor any sanitation programs at the center and announce any patient about the symptoms of Ebola (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, anorexia, bleeding).

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