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Bpost increases by 7% and announcing priority stamps

The postage stamp is 1 euro and non-priority 0.95 Euro.

TheThe Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunication (BPT) has approved a Board Approval of 7.4% from January 2019 to January 2019. Telecom.

Postal services are known for this considerable increase in tariffs "Small Users' Basketball", Individuals and small businesses have standard letters and packages.

Return to tariff "previous" stamps, delivering mail on next working day, and "non-printing" within three business days; In 2007, Bpost confirmed a statement that discontinued a difference. These new stamps will be sold on 1st January, 2019.

The postal stamp will cost € 1 euro (0.97 euros), preferentially € 0.95 (0.92 Euros 10). Despite this increase, BPost still declines in the mail volumes regularly "The price of postage stamp was below the European average (€ 1.24 for comparative service)."

4.6% increase

Besides, Bpost said it will buy at least five postal stamps and € 1.46 for one single purchase price for a standard shipment to Europe. For shipyards outside Europe, 1.62 Euros will be from international postage stamps and 1.68 Euros per unit. "The average tariff increase by 2019 of gross national mail products will be 4.6 per cent, Emphasize public sector enterprise.

BPT indicates that part of it According to the previous stamp, the unit tariffs from 1 tier to 1 euro will increase by 14.9% compared with 2018. It is 26.6 per cent less than in 2017. Bpost (according to the old postal law). The new non-print stamp currently priced at 0.95 Euro will be sold at an earlier price (0.87 Euro). By 2017, smaller users will spend 50 to 100 million euros for services offered by BPost in 2019.

While BPT believes that BPT 2017 does not seem to be incompatible with this tariff on the basis of the tariff decision, this principle and the institute emphasize the new postal law.

On the other hand, the increase in tariffs in 2019, with regard to one-sidedness, transparency, and non-discriminatory principles, approved a 7.44% increase.

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