Friday , May 20 2022

Bodybuilding is more beneficial than cardiovascular training


According to new research conducted by the Latin American Congress (American) at the American College of Cardiology in Lima, Peru, Musée resistance shows that exercising is more effective in reducing risk. Cardiovascular than cycling, "cardio" sports.

Researchers from West Indies St George University, Venezuela, The study was aimed at assessing the varying effects of health in the dynamic exercises such as ventilating and cycling. Heart.

Maybe it's already knownPhysical activity Many health benefits are provided in the public Heart health In particular, the research was not different from the previous one Type Physical activity.

For this new study, scientists examined data from 4,086 US youths and checked their blood pressure, weight, diabetes and cholesterol and questioned their blood clots. Static or dynamic activity.

Two participants: 21 to 44 years old and older than 45 years of age.

In terms of age, racism and smokers have been found to work with researchers Static or Dynamic A The lowest rate Risk factors from 30 to 70% of cardiovascular disease,

These organizations were stronger for static and youth partners.

"At the same time Body And LAerobic operation Even at lower rates, it seemed to have benefited heart rate"Researcher Maya P. Smith said."Advise patients to treat patients – Two types The operation was very useful. However, thatStatic activity Patients involved in dosage of physical activity are much better than mobility patients who are more effective than mobility."

even though, "Static and dynamic activity was very popular among the younger and older"."This gives the doctor the opportunity to tell their elderly patients that they have a gym or road accident. The main thing is to ensure that they are there Physical activity."

A study published in the University of Iowa last week found that 59 days of bodybuilding should be reduced by 40 to 70 percent from heart disease.

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