Thursday , June 8 2023

Auto Show: Here's the most famous car in Belgium



The Volkswagen Golf last year was the most popular car in Belgium.

The 14,591 vehicles of this model have been registered. Renault Cleo (11,571) and Fiat 500 (11,345) are the second largest carmaker in the world, according to the Belgian Federation of Automobile and Cycle (Fischk) and Car Show organizers in Brazil. The golfers are private registered cars (6,586) and companies registered (7,698).

The private segment is Citron C3 (6,517), Renault Cleo (6,336), Dassia Santiago (5,866) and Volkswagen Polo (5,263). In the case of company cars, Fiat 500 (6,068), Skoda Octavia (5,944), Renault Schnick (5,699) and Hyundai Tucson (5,676) are second and fourth and fourth respectively.

If golf is the favorite in the flanders (for individuals and companies), Renault Cleo and Fiat 500 again appeared in Top 10 of Volkswagen's Teresa. The first step of the Podium went to Citron C3, beyond Dussia Sundereo and Pugot 208.

Finally, in Brussels, Hyundai Tuozon and Fiat 500 are the ones who like Nissan Khashkai.

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