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Are you overwhelmed to gluten? Science will try to find it


Sales of gluten-free products increased by 12% in 2017. However, those with CELIC DISEASE are only 1% of the population and represent allergies from 0.1% to 0.5%.

"Gluten free" rays are more available in the supermarket, however, the number of gluten-intolerant and allergic ratios is very low. 1% of the population is formerly 0.1 to 0.5%. What is the reason for this trend? Perhaps, it is a multiple of "hyper-sensitive gluten", its exact ratio is unknown. For good reasons: their digestive problems in gluten have not been scientifically proven. There is no test to detect this "hyperceptionality".

As a reminder, celiac disease destroys the small intestine of the small intestine. It causes anemia, diarrhea, weight gain, and bone pain and stroke. For "real" intolerance, all except the gluten is vital. Celiac disease, except gluten, is not treatable. This diagnosis affects a clear diagnosis and is confirmed by the small blood test of the small intestine through the blood test.

From "hypertensive" to "vital" gluten

However, there are a few ways to describe these "recrudescence" of sex organs. "A vast majority of people believe that if they look good, they say they are better when removing gluten, [certains glucides]They contain gluten-containing cereals"Emmanuel Kesse-Gytot explains, and presented an online questionnaire on this subject.

In addition, we do not eat more gluten food on the Gastro bleuulub at the university hospital in Chormant Ferrand. "But gluten good has changedIn fact, "native" gluten is naturally present in certain grains, including wheat. On the contrary, the elasticity of the "vital" gluten producers deliver it in quantities. "Our grandparents ate the original bread, industrial bread, pizzas, prepared dishes, cold wounds … a lot of products added in gluten. However, the main gluten is very concentrated and therefore more resistant to digestion"She said."If we can show that gluten quality and its involvement are a problem, we can modify those methods"Gastroenterologist concludes.

Therefore, the question of gluten is of utmost importance. Some people decided to leave without any serious problems of intolerance. "We know that gluten exclude people and other things that are avoided", Observes Emmanuel Kesse-Gait.

Learn the "Gluten free" habits

The inter study conducted by the INRAERM and the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital. The digestibility of products can be eaten only while studying. The University Hospital in Clermont-Ferrand will have more than 60 sophisticated double-blind studies. While some people do not know about a gluten-free diet, do not want others to do it. "The goal is to detect biomarkers, for the moment, because doctors are hard to make a diagnosisThese "markers" should be revealed in blood, urine, and stool tests. The findings are funded by the National Research Agency funded by Clinical Research. 2019 will begin early. The first results will be known by the end of the year.

In parallel an epidemic survey is in progress. "Gluten free" people through neutrino studies asked about their nutritional and health. 20,000 responses retained. "We exclude those who have celiac deception. It's interesting that whether or not individuals who are gluten-free are subject to specific traits"Says Emmanuel Kess-Gait, who leads the research.

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