Sunday , May 28 2023

Alexis Simmakers Speaks about "Roten Effect" and Waheenbrück – All Football


Alexis Zeylmachers The start of Hein Van Habibu and Andrelette's former coach is not to deny what he owes. "From a human standpoint, many young people have helped me in my career, and I've often motivated me to explain myself". In Sport / Football Magazine. "Nevertheless, he and his ideas did not change, and there was a misunderstanding between them and the players.

Not more suitable

This machine resumed when Fred Route arrived. "He's directly confident, not the result of games to say," Saelemaekers says. "From now on, we have not played against the opponent who raised the misunderstandings among the players, we play and coach does not talk about the opponent." From starting a new coach, the world. "

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