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A four-year-old girl died due to tonsillar surgery


Tonnes of throat are an integral part of the body's immune system. This too much of the meat is to catch the foreign bodies entering the throat and inform their presence in the body. This immune system can cause swelling and pain and pain.

An action is not necessary

The problem is that this inflammation in children causes repeated cases of Tasilysitis and sleep apnea. Thus a tonsor removal operation usually works. Of the ten tons of cylinders, nine children are children. Removing them will help prevent immunity and increase the risk of respiratory illness.

A British study looked at the actual use of such a function. Between 2005 and 2016, researchers have collected data from over 1.6 million English children. In eight cases, it was found to be inaccurate in seven cases. In contrast, some young people will not justify their pain if their pain is justified.

A deadly rehabilitation

The four-year-old girl from St. Louis, three Frontier's Polyclinic, died on Saturday, November 4, after she was operated on after surgery. After this death, Internal Investigation initiated the goal of ensuring complete transparency on the issues that took place on our walls and explained the polyclinic direction.

The girl's performance took place five days before, but the doctors decided to reopen her after she was asked to follow the procedures. In this second intervention, the little boy had a heart attack. He died on Saturday at the pediatric resort center and doctors' efforts at the hospital.

Open domestic investigation

The tragedy that triggered the polyclinic leadership assures: "Our thoughts are parents and family of the deceased child, and our institution's management staff are deeply troubling the situation in human capacity."

Internal Investigations can be prepared for a report, and then submit to the Regional Health Agency (ARS). Polyclinis management guarantees that "the team led by the intervention was complete and experienced, and the tools work well". The authorities will make available all the items owned by them to the so-called authorities.

Deaths are not normal after such an intervention. For surgery, 35,000 surgeries were performed in France a year. According to the Higher Physical Authority of Health and Surgery Law, it has been suggested that there is no zero risk. Statistical data says the chance of death for this procedure is 1: 50,000. "

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