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6-in-6 frames in favor of the Coordon Sanitarian injuries

Vlaams Belang did not expand "Breaking point"But this gap remains deep in N-VA, said Bart de Weaver, president of the Flemish nationalist parties.

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Vlaams Belang (VB) president Tom Van Goghon is already waiting for an N-VA project by leaving a blank page. "It's discreet attitude, it seems like a good start for a debate, but definitely I have not seen it yet."One spoke to Tom Van Goghon about Antwerp. "These goals should be checked …"

As the first party in the country's northwest, N-VA holds hand. It should still be decided in the order which other Flemish parties have taken over. Coordon sanitary failing The democratization prevents themselves from ruling with the ultra-right and the VB into the Flemish government. However, this option does not have a favorable approach.

"Today I want to avoid everything, we can not repeat the past mistakes when we see these discussions (through the Wellemal Belong), Said Bart de Weaver. However, he stresses The depth of the gap separating the two partiesThat is the same. "We still have small issues, these political abuses, these bad friendships, that do not disappear, and have underlined: We are not limited or in some practical advice".

These conversations with VB only "Not just for the gallery"According to Bart de Weaver. At the federal level, the president of the N-VA repeats his request for fellowship.

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