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5 You do not know about the pill


You take it all day, and many surveys have shown that many women still poorly know the pills. The problem is that this lack may lead to unexpected pregnancy. The small fishery session and the gentlemen you can! We can be in 2019, because the clersheets are still very difficult.

Continuous execution

When we say we have a problem in the case! Many women (men) think the tooth is always in danger for your health. However, there is 7 There is no benefit to obstruct the tablets. A combined tablet that takes 21 days to stop at weekends is a week Trigger fraudulent rulesIn the early 1960s, the Catholic Church was to be presented for the first time, expecting to adopt such a pregnancy. Huffington Post. The UK Health System was repeated on January 20th " Women do not take a risk with a pills constantly ". It is more convenient for women who are pregnant with endometriosis and for those who are endometriosis. Everything, anyway, from Ask the gynecologist for advice.

You can get pregnant in a table

Yes, it's very disappointing, but unfortunately Condoms are not 100% reliable. So we can To be pregnant ! In order not to end with a baby in one hand, the muscle may be combined with a condom. Beware, do not forget the rough side of the cartridge Sperm can live up to 5 days in fertilization …

Some women do not support that pill

It does not succeed in the table which is packed in France. The reason for that is already You do not need to take a table every day The heads of the air, which are eaten on the lidido, can cause oral, migraines, weight gain, abdominal pain, and stomach problems in some women. I'm stupid …

Humans have a table

Yes, if we conclude that a miscarriage is necessarily a shining work, then you are upside-down, that's a mistake. No, no, no. Both contraceptive and both It does not have to be just girls. One month is used by 83 men ages 18 to 50 Effects of hormone related to effective contraception. Good News for Women

Mutt can be suggested elsewhere than gynecologist

Therefore, you can not buy the table below from the housework You can specify the preferred contraception system in any public practice! It also avoids wait of 5 months to make a contraception with a gynecologist.

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