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4 tips to protect yourself from epidemics

Gastroenteritis returns every year. But this year, due to the temperature below the seasonal average, she went a little further. Since mid November, many areas have been affected by an epidemic. This year, 162 cases were reported in the House-De-France and the Grand Estates.

Gastroenteritis symptoms can be easily detected : Vomiting, diarrhea, Stomach pain, fever, fatigue … You have to be especially careful of those who are at risk for children and adults.

Each winter, 21 million French people are affected by this disease Public Health, says that one-third of the population. How to pass through the cracks? Here are our tips.

1. Wash your hands regularly

The hands are the most important vector of gastropereroid virus. Avoid touching subway bars, door handles, etc. More than just microorganisms are real nests.

It is important to wash your hands regularly. INPES (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education) is the right way to wash your hands. Then clean the soapy, hands, hands and hands.

That is not necessary Do not forget to clean the space between the fingers and the nails. Whenever possible, use hand with a hand to try hand-to-hand using your hand.

2. Adopt proper foods

Proper eating can help you get sick. Foods that are not too demanding in your intestines are good Rice, banana and garlic. They are known to sterilize gas.

Avoid raw vegetables, eggs, milk products, spices, alcohol, fat and raw foods.

This is very important Drink lots of water. If diarrhea occurs, the body will be dehydrated very quickly.

3. Do not watch your home

The cool, well-established, goes to fewer homes. But that's exactly Lack of ventilation that promotes bacterial development It increases the risk of gastroenteritis.

It is desirable to open windows of each room At least 10 minutes a day. If someone is already contaminated within the house, increase ventilation times: 2 times in the morning, 2 times the afternoon, and the last time before sleeping.

4. Sleep

Sleep is an important moment. When someone sleeps, the defense resistance is reduced. So at least 6 hours of sleep will have to sleep at night, 8 hours is better. To rest well, eat light, restrict the use of at least 30 minutes screens before going to bed, not too late.

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