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Zahir Raihan Film Institute has started

Last Wednesday was the death of Sahibr raihan, the bright star of Sahib and the film. Zaheer Raihan Film Institute's farewell journey Shri Shaan Shah, the elder sister of Sahar Rai, was the Chief Guest at the inauguration. Director Anupam Hayat, ULB Teacher Sajad Hussain and many others. Mashiddin Shekhar is the director of Surya's Deal Bhavan. Zaheer Reihan Film Institute will begin a three-month film appreciation course. Later, they will be introduced in various specialty courses. The main objective of the Zaheer Raihan Film Institute is to promote the philosophy of Bengali filmmakers and classical film students by Zahir Raihan. Apart from Hiralal Sen, Tarek Masood, Anwar Hussain and Bangla Deshidi, the movie producers on the left side of the film have arrived at the Film Festival of Bangladesh. In addition, the film will be taught in various technical subjects. After the completion of the study, the movie will be produced by making a movie. Zaheer Raihan Film Institute will be accompanied by Sujirmini Chitra Sudhandan, the widow of Sakhir Raihan. Zaheer Raahan Film Institute is the Chief Executive of Shankar Sanjay. Films directed by Pradeep Ghosh Institute of Cine Director and Film Co-ordinator Subaira Sen.

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