Thursday , June 8 2023

Write what you need – Pandey & # 39; Black Check & # 39;


Crunchal Pandya photo on Indian jersey: Twitter

India's former cricketer Jacob Martin is the second cricketer to hit the road. Her elder brother, Karna Pandya, gave her a blanket check to help him

A pandemonium stole a controversial comment on the TV program. In the meantime, another Pandya Pandya is a unique example of compassion and generosity with the patient of the patient. The attitude of Indian cricket fans has shocked the Pandya, but now a little melt.

Haridh Pandya, who was banned in Australia for the tour of Australia, had to return home. All rounder made a controversial remark against women in TV show. Since returning to the land, no one has ever let fall from the heart of the surrounding home. On the other hand, another Indian star of the Indian team, Cranny Pandya, came back. Former Indian cricketer Jacob Martin was seriously injured in the accident. Badaro is currently in the hospital. His family is very sweating to recover the cost of treatment. Like many others, Henry stretch out his hands to help him. However, this all-rounder's help is very different.

Boroda Cricket Association secretary Sanjay Patel reached the Jacob Hospital. Jacob has been given a grant of three lakh rupees. Sanjay helped him in personal initiative. Going to hospital with him, went to a place called Jacob. Incorrect Hardy's older brother Check, if Sanjay says, & # 39; s, write what you need. But it should not be less than Rs 1 lakh. & # 39;

Sourav Ganguly made his debut in international cricket. He has played 10 One Day Internationals for India. On December 28, Jacob suffered a serious heart attack on a road accident in his lungs and liver. From that time on, 46th batsman is life. His wife wrote in a letter requesting financial assistance to the BCCI. The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has been paid Rs 5 lakh in connection with the response. Zaheer Khan, Munaf Patel, Irfan Pathan and India's former coach Ravi Shastri have come into the hands of Jacob.

Sanjay, who has received such a response from the Indian cricket team, was very upset. In his words, "The family of Jacob refused to ask for help, but now that they have not asked for anything, they want to know how much money all the money from the cricket hall should be." Interesting attitudes of Indian cricketers of former cricketer and colleagues will definitely attract everybody Thats it. But the broad heart of a brutal heart is a bit different. His younger brother's controversial message – at all times, the brother's heart is forgotten.

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