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Why does Android phone use with Zuckerberg?


Mark Zuckerberg and his management team were not iPhone, but had been advised to use their Android phone. Apple CEO Tim Cook has cheated on this social media site. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg completely denied this hypothesis.

The New York Times reported in a report on how Facebook and its management team were involved in America's election and how fraudulent news and Cambridge analytics were involved in data corruption. Facebook has also posted information on Facebook and its ability to save itself after Facebook corruption.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are the subject of criticism in the face of iPhone and Android on the eve of the year. There are questions about privacy confidentiality of users.

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A report by the New York Times published. According to Sickerberg's management team Tim Cook, it was reported that only Android phone was used. He argued that Android was a good product as an Apple operating system. After that, Facebook has promoted the company to use Android. It's the world's most popular operating system.

Team Cook

"Tim Cook criticized our business model, while Mark Vygeppe, so we did not speculate on our other phones, because our staff and Android have been promoted for a lot of time, since it is the world's most popular operating system.

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"Of course our product can certainly encourage our customers, but we can certainly make more money, but they never cross their personal lives because privacy is civil rights and civil liberties," Cook said. Apple's CEO has always said that the data is leaked on their device. Maintaining privacy. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook says, Cook argues that, although very balanced, "does not agree with the truth."

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