Tuesday , September 27 2022

What arrogance is India about Bangladesh elections?


The country, which was strongly backed on January 5, 2014, was in 2014. Elections were held to the Indian Foreign Secretary, Dhaka, to win the election.

But observers believe that India has gone through the next election in the next five years, in Bangladesh. But this is very disappointing – there is no such activity in India before this election.

But why is India taking such a stand, why is Bangladesh's opinion in this election? BBC Bangla has issued a report on this.

It was kind of actively in India in Bangladesh in the 2014 elections. But it will be possible only after five years. India had no role in Maldives in Nepal and Maldives this year.

Smurti Pathankar, a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis in Delhi, believes that India is intentionally trying to keep away from Bangladesh election.

The experience is not happy with the way India sends the Foreign Secretary to Dhaka in 2014. Pattanacker said. The real purpose of India was to avoid a constitutional catastrophe in Bangladesh. "

"But the politics of Bangladesh is now subject to a change that is totally disdainful to India, and the relationship between India and Bangladesh is very mature and institutionalized."

In the last election, the BNP refused to join the alliance, so the question about this election emerged. But this time the poll will be very much involved. So there is no need to sweep India, the former Ambassador of India, appointed by Dhaka, is Pinarajanjan Chakravarti.

In his words, "The fact that we see big changes in Bangladesh is that we are called Mahajandhan & # 39 in India, the unity of the Opposition in that form."

He said, "Now the United Front has come back and the election is on the right track – if it is true, it's totally different in 2014!"

The democratic process is now on the right track. All parties are expected to enter the polls, the general election process and the important. So I do not think this election is likely to be criticized! "

Another former high commissioner, Vina Sikri, believes that it is good for Bangladeshi internal issues, but it is better to participate in the election of BNP.

"The way they talk to their allies about how to share seats-when it's under normal electoral process-that's great."

"What India is doing here, or it does not need to find glass-based materials," he said.

There is no such influence in the anti-India agitations in this election situation in Bangladesh. In Delhi too, this is a good step. As a result, it is not a disadvantage to abandon the situation where the country is overly activated and increasing the election, perhaps keeping it in mind in India.

In the words of Pinakaraj Emperor, "I'm going to say a match of mutual relations where another country has to make an internal issue on their own."

Both countries should be prepared to address complaints of relations between the two countries and to address the problem of inadequacy. It's no trouble, and it happened again. "

Sea boundary contracts, such as the Land Reform Agreement, exist. Many investments have been made, and modernization has been done. So they will give a benefit! "He said.

Since the bilateral ties have joined the BNP, these two factors have changed India's stand five years ago. Far from sending it to the Secretary of State, India did not feel the need for a statement in the election year.

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