Friday , March 24 2023

Vivo's two smartphones


Apart from top model phones, Viveo has two handsets in the budget smartphone.

Y 71: 2GB RAM 16GB ROM, Qualcomm processor, VP Y71, allows you to enjoy the entire viewing display. Using this smartphone is using a klapmap snapdragon which can be used by the app. In addition, the camera has a backlight HD mood and you can enjoy the best picture in more light. Gold and black are also available for Rs 9,990.

There is a Face Unlock feature available for Vivo Y 81i phone. Photo: Press ReleaseWi-Fi 81: Viveo smartphones in Bangladesh, 6.22 inch display will be available in this smartphone. In addition, the camera has a professional mood, which gives the joy of photography. Face Unlock feature for maximum security of phone. The 3260mAh battery provides more time backup. The phone has a 2 GB RAM 16GB ROM and 12,990.

Both the phones are sure to sell in the coming year. For detailed information, please visit Press release

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