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Tyson's fietail – change it

Nasrath Imroz Tisha is acting in the film 'Photoshop'. Vechinil does not appear in the filmfire, but is not the smallest and bigger screen.

This was done by Golam Muktadir in the structure of Syed Zia Uddin. Yash Rohan Shampa Raza and Alif appeared as Sameer in the character of Nasrath Imros Tishan Asifar. It has recently been showcased in many places in Dhaka.

24-year-old Samaya did not think about her future. Occasionally, he laughs at all such activities. He is much better than seeing and teaching alot. Parents talk about marriage. He knows that the boy does not like to see him. So he applied for employment in various organizations. Samver is inviting an interview from an event management institute. Office CEO Asif has launched a new category of Wedding Planning.

Samaya was called internship. I have worked for three months. Samaya begins work. Alif is under the supervision of this department. Saudarsan loves this kid as the first to show Samaras. But Alif is disappointed to see Sammy. Samaya tries to present himself. They wear garments like beautiful daughters. Everyone laughs about it in the office. Samaya begins to change himself. At one time she completely changed herself.

& # 39; Fairland & # 39; Is the story of Beyozcope based on the story.

"There is a censorship like movie or television, so I can take advantage of the opportunity to see the job anywhere on mobile phones, because the story that I've played in this movie is where I can see another form and it looks like audiences."

Shahiriyar Shakeel is producing the Fairland website which was produced under the banner of Alpha and Media Limited.

He said, "Because of the interest in making web films, there is freedom to work, secondly, the story can be adjusted in its own way, and in the recent years, the trend of the content of the directors and artists has increased, so there are a variety of activities."

Shahrukh Shakil said on December 6 that Origin will encourage life.

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