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They act in acting and modeling


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Some singers in Bangladesh write names in modeling or modeling language. Anyone involved has been involved. The first is Jafar Iqbal. Her role as a stylish stylist in Bollywood is one of the first directors of the actor. From childhood she was able to sing a wonderful song. Music was sung in music. His sister is a famous singer from Shanaz Rahmat. His elder brother Anwar Parvez is a famous artist. Zafar Iqbal was first known as the singer. He was his own band. In 1966 he made his own community. In addition to acting, many pictures in real life
He was a singer. Some songs are sung songs. & # 39; Good & # 39; Anzu Parvez's Ransak starred in the film. & # 39; bad or bad & # 39; His popular songs. Another song, "Sukhdade Teeko, Me Nandini", has sung not only in music but also the popularity of Khan. In 1986, & # 39; Ball Bowl & # 39; In the role of Bala Bowl. He starred in the 2003 film Godfather, directed by Shahin-Suman. In 2003, Credit Energy became the first model of liquor distribution. Later in 2005 and 2008, this model was promoted in 2010 at Cobra Drink. Everlasting music composer Kumar Biswajat was the model of the advertising blade, according to Mamunur Rasheed's advice at the start of his career. The first job was to be a model outside the song. In that advertisement, singing the song & # 39; s & # 39; And the song " Bang Legend Ayub Bach in Banglalinke's ads can be Papguroo Khan. Tiger Energy had made him a model for Dean's ad. Rock star James, model of the Pepsi model in the early 2000s. It was the first model of his model. In 2011, he worked in Energy Drink Black Horse. James appears in parts of Bollywood film Life in a Metro. Where did he go as a band member? In 2013, James Jacob's vowel & # 39; s varning & # 39; In the movie. The song that sang there was mixed with lips. He has gained a great reputation as one of the leading singers of the popular band of the Song as a Part of a Boat. & # 39; Cinema & # 39; Lastdays & # 39 ;, & # 39; Favorite Box & # 39; Journal of Love & # 39; Water Resistance & # 39; # 39; CBI & # 39; In addition to acting in a number of films, & # 39; Mirza Baji & # 39; The movie will be released in the same year. Siddiree SD was directed by Monitsur Rahman Akbar directed by Suchi Lousose. Rubel made her debut in 2011. His second film, & # 39; Old Age & # 39; Is now out. He did a model of advertising. & # 39; Gahin Gun & # 39; Asif Akbar is all set to star in a film titled Asha. In addition, he will act in the film 'VIP'. Recently Habib Wahid came direct to a 22 minute short film, where he had a romantic romance in the music video. Nevertheless, his new song 'Honey & # 39; Is a short short film with the name " In addition to well-known musician Tahanson Gun Goyle, he has performed a number of plays and telefilms. Actors in Tahsan are very beautiful and sing. All the drama and telefilms that he had dreamed of earned him a lot of enthusiasm. The first film directed by Tahasan is 'Ek Din'. Unlike the actor who portrayed Sreebhant in Calcutta. On the other hand, Tahasan became famous in some popular advertisements
Model. Another popular artist, Harred Khan, was also praised in many television plays.

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