Thursday , August 11 2022

The rape of many students in orphanage bathroom


The allegations of rape of more than one child of an orphanage and elderly children in the Balikandi sub-division of Rajbari have been raised. Rafeequl Islam (29) was arrested by the orphanage.

On the morning of many girls' riots, Orion vice chairman Mattiyoor Rehman filed a case at Batticali police station. Fakhri Ahmed arrested for rape trial

Umar Ali is the son of late Dalit Islam who was the son of Khaliya Madhupur of Uriya Union village under Balakandy sub-division. After the arrest, a number of students were raped in the primary investigation, according to Dhaka's Islam.

Balagandy police station SI Noor Mohammad confirmed that this fact had developed a good relationship with the students of a fourth grade student with the opportunity to take the ruble Islam classes, known as the orphan teacher in Madapur. In September last year, the girl was raped in an orphanage bathroom. She repeatedly raped the girl. On the other hand, two other students of the bathroom in the orphanage raped Rabela, a teacher.

SI Noor Mohammed was doing this against duplicate Islam, another teacher. Some other students are accused of rape and sexual abuse. After knowing about it, Farooq Ahmed, Vice-Chairman of Orphanage filed a rape case in the police. Rajbari was arrested by the court on Friday.

Balakandi police station OCMM Ajmal Hooda said that the girl raped multiple girls and raped her. Rajbari was sent to the Sadar Hospital for medical examination. The teacher filed a lawsuit against Rabiul. But in the initial questioning, Ruball agreed to rape more than one student.

Reubel Rehman / AM / MS

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