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The private mission space exchanged for two people on the lunar surface X-in 2018-dgtl

Dream show and dreams of a perfect mask match match!

Before sending the space scientists, humans are orbiting the spacecraft SpaceJase, which created the Moon mask of space. In 2018 the moment sends two men to follow the moon. They are like me, people like you. Astrology is not a "hard-working" day like space travelers. However, already already shortened MoUs and MoU tickets. Spacefox's Falcon-Heavy Rocket Space is two seats in space. Her extended booking has also happened. Billionaire Elon Masse told mediapersons on Monday. NASA says NASA sends two spaces subdivision into two-wheeler on a private venture. The Falcon-Heavy Rocket is yet to be checked whether or not long-range travel in space. The sutured spacecraft is about one and half years old. Hence the space and axis need time to test the hands of the Falcon-Heavy rocket, NASA said.

The Spacecraft spacecraft will be launched in 2018

Alone Mask told journalists that the reporters were surprised. However, he refused to give the names of the two men who decided to send them to the orbit's orbit. Last year, they want to go back to the mall, because they have been able to go to the restaurants, do not play, they do not play, and they do not play, and they do their best to keep their health and fitness checks this year. Since then, the Moon's movement is in the forefront Training to the lame. "

How many space spans are there in space?

Two spacecraft is rocket launch

MASK told journalists: "One week we are going to pick up and go for 7 days a day, 168 hours, and they do not reach the lunar surface, but one of the orbits of the Moon will enter the orbit of the Moon from the Earth, and after that, the moon will hit the moon, and the moon will see it. Let's see Chandran's p Spacecraft XFaulkon-Heavy rocket runs from 3 to 4 million miles on the way to the Moon, before the NASA or Space Exploration Association, before sending people in any other country, the orbit of a spacecraft with two space space exploration missionsYou can yaykkan. This is the first time in 45 years. The long-distance travels in an orbit two space tourists candranucurrum. & # 39; & # 70 -13 Apollo 39, and the orbit of the moon, the spacecraft will orbit the moon.

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But Howard astronomer Jonathan McDowell Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said, "I think it's a little overgrown standing. In 2020, it was unable to accept. Common spaces goes, parisilakanayirikkum up to two to three years. If so, you need to take more time to provide training for all jyeatisastrajnanmarallattavarkkum In. "

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