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The play of Mashraf is a big thing

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Akram: We have test venues. But here's a time here. You see this after the series. But the BPL will start with. At the end of BPL, we will go to New Zealand. Everything we need to do is to do. But we will start trying. It grows slowly (competition). It will grow even more in the future than in the previous one. & # 39;

Constant cricket series in the country The series against Zimbabwe has started after a series against West Indies. There are also various debates on cricket. One of the topics for participating in the caste elections is the one-day captain of the country, Mishreeb bin Moratasa. There are too many conversations against the side. His politics and politics. Akram Khan, former captain and BCC's Cricket Management Department chairman, spoke to the media. The vital part of his words is presented-

Q: Does Mashraf think of playing in ODI series?
Akram: I'm talking from the series, if the whole series of musicals take time, then we have no problem. He is a very experienced player. Hence, cricket players are automatically compromised from mental and physical aspects. We do not worry about him and we can play if we can play.
Q: What do you think about Mashraf's choice?
Akram: If I am a common man, we are not a problem. The rest is his personal concern. That's how he follows it.
Is the 13th team in the second Test
Akram approached selectors from selectors We placed 13 at home. In this situation there will be an external player. Here is a BCCL There is less chance of participation in BCL competitions. This is an important tournament in Bangladesh. It is good to play here and create good opportunities. We want to keep at least one team and play the rest of the BCL.
Dhaka: Is the formula for the Chittagong Test going on in Dhaka?
Akram: That's right now. We have two days. We are thinking. The spinners did not play well. But our batsmen played well with them. Muminul, Riyadh, Shakeeb Well. Then the lower order batsman leads. Actually, performance is more important as a team. The good nature of the team is good if the team can play well or the winners will have any wicket. The most important thing is the country's first victory against our hooligans. This morality has grown strong. We have the ability to win in this series, so we will try to give you a good team. The wicket spin can be a pace bowler.
What do you think of two months after Saddam's two months debut in Dhaka Test?
Akram: The selectors had enough to answer this question. But after that some cricket players, as well as our young cricketers, will get a chance.
Q: Are you worried about opening it?
Akram: Our main player (Tamim) is in trouble now. But it's a great opportunity for those who play. Some matches may be played or some matches are scored. If you can run it regularly, the team is also good, it's good for the players.
In the future, the three tests are the idea of ​​organizing a series?

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