Thursday , June 8 2023

The new phase of arthritis treatment – Thursday


On Tuesday afternoon, Kikri is national
At the party's central office, a prayer for Eshardin came and said, "Come on
Hussain Mohammad Irshad will begin a new treatment from Thursday.

Blood in blood
To treat hemoglobin in Singapore and reduce liver problems,
Leader of Opposition Leader in the 11th Parliament.

Seriously ill
Erdhad dropped down the Baridara Baridhara Park Road in the wheelchair
Zionist party activists On the other hand, he said party leaders and activists
Nothing could say.

Caste party presidency
Member Khalid Akhtar, Irshad's younger brother Hussain Murshed, Murshid's wife Ruxana
Khan Masood went to Singapore.

GM Quodar said "Hussain Muhammad
It's good. He gets pleasure. Husain Mohammad Irshad's bodily
The complexity is rapidly cut. He is in our midst very fast
Come back. "

& # 39; Gold & # 39; In front
He was speaking at the rally. "The powers of the casteist party are ahead
Husain Mohammad Ishaq's health now needs the country and the country's casteist party. "

Tuesday morning
When news of the death of Ershad started from Facebook
Irshad's brother-in-law, the leader of the caste group, named
When he started contacting Ziauddin Ahmad Bublu, he had contacted
A few minutes ago I spoke on the telephone. His position is bigger than ever
The best news is Facebook's news. "

After molding
Deputy Press Secretary Khander Delwar said in a press conference
Send the same message by sending.

88 years old
In the aftermath of the popular movement in the 1990s, the Caste system formed its own party
Leader of the Opposition will be the first.

Opposition Leader Assistant Private Secretary Recruitment

The Chairperson and the Opposition
Mohammed Ali Ershad became a private secretary.
Manurul Islam.

Sultan Mahmud's office office of Sultan Mahmud
The Public Prosecution has issued this notification on Tuesday.

The notification was declared, "Hussain
As long as Mohammad Erdad is the leader of the main opponent and wants to do so,
On the other hand, the appointment of Manjul Islam is effective. "

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