Monday , June 5 2023

The last message is after the plane crashed


French police reported missing a small plane from France in France. Argentine footballer Emililo Salah is the passenger of the plane. Last Saturday, the French club had paid £ 15 million in Cardiff City Transfer fees in the English club. Cardiff City was the record for the highest ever recorded in history. The 28-year-old Argentine striker is in the French League for the last few years. In the last three seasons he scored 32 goals in a match. In the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 season, they scored 15 and 14, respectively. This season, 13 goals in 13 appearances in the second round, 13 goals in Franco's league goal. The French city of Nantan leaves the Cardiff City, Papillon, a cardiff city, according to French police sources for the new club to join Cardiff City. Only two passengers were on the plane. One of them was Argentine footballer Emilio Salala. No other passenger names have yet been found. The plane was segregated from the radar when entering the English channel. The English Channel was told by the Grenes Police that no missing plane has been found yet. After the disappearance of the plane, two liftboards and five helicopters were called by the Coast Guard in connection with the rescue operation. The French army escapes the Coast Guard. After explaining the danger, Argentinean media reported that Sola was telling a father via social media through whats up. In the message, the plane I'm going for Cardiff seems to have collapsed. If you do not receive a message within half an hour, send someone to find me. Daddy, I'm scared.
In 2016, the Brazilian Football Club Shapakos' & # 39; Lamia Fly Flee 2933 & # 39; On the flight of the Sheppkins Club, to Bolivia. The aircraft crashed due to a power crisis on the move. Of the 77 passengers, 71 died.

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