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The doctor's wife was arrested

Chittagong: His wife, Fan Tanjilla, was arrested by police on the spot of the wife of Haq Chaudhry Mithu.

He was arrested on Thursday at 11.30 pm in Nandankaran area of ​​the city.

The Chittagong Metropolitan Police confirmed this. Mahabee Rehman.

The details of the CMP Public Relations Department will be published on Friday (February 01) at 11am at a press conference.

On Thursday morning, Chandanga Residential Area Dr. Mofafah akash

Prior to committing suicide, Mooseph Akak shared his Facebook page, attacked various people's attack images and chat screenshots, & # 39; Better with your friends.

** Do not worry about doctor's suicide

Bangladesh time: 0055 hours, Feb 01, 019

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