Thursday , June 8 2023

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Larry Evans won a second match in a match. The team got a fight like a fight. Mushfiqur Rahim and Mossadeq Hussain came to the beach on the Chittagong Viking coast.

Rajshahi kings scored 157 runs at the Sherpur-I-Bangla National Cricket Stadium. Chittagong won by 6 wickets. The sixth consecutive victory of Vikings was in the seventh edition. A team to the middle side also plays. Mushtaqqar went to the top of Rahim's team points. Rajasekhti has failed in five games in the top four.

Mojad remained unbeaten on 43 off 26 balls with two boundaries and four fours. Mushfiq scored 46 not out from 64 deliveries.

It was not easy at the start of Chitagong's 158 runs but was not easy to win. Chittagong, initially defeating Caleron Deloport, returned to the team Miran spin. Yasin could not attend this match. Afridi has surmounted unexpectedly from Sunny Anarchism. Muhammad Shehzad raised a small storm.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Nasibullah Sodan took three wickets for 30 runs. But their run quickly slowed down. S Badrinath scored 41 runs in 36 balls. Christian Sankar scored 23 from 19 balls in the first innings.

Needing 86 runs in nine overs, At the batting stage of the mosque ek hussain made it very simple. Mushafi added. The four-step storm lowered the run-ball gap and the match was taken to the Vikings hands. All the shots in the game are played in Mosadak. Covering the eyelid with the wrist on Long Island and waste time with Mushrifi wings playing the game at the start. They were 88 not out in the match against Vikings.

Larry Evans has scored a century in the last match of the Rajshahi. Christian Yanker ends. Rajshahi, who started two foreign batsmen, ended in the 150th innings.

Soumya Sarkar returns to Rajshahi's XI to bat on Saturday The question was asked why the last two matches were not match-sixteen. It must come to the eleventh back of Soumya. But initially he came back to the Boggie shot.

Robin was caught by Firalin. Marshall Ayub did not run out of the ODI. Zakir Hasan never won runs. However, pair of Evans-Dons Doskat pair added 54 runs for the fourth wicket. In the same fast-paced Evans Royce. After dismissing Zaheer for 10, Yanker took another 47 runs. Evans returned.

56 off 56 balls and two fours and 74 runs. Yankee was at rest for Mehdi Hassan Miras. He hit 36 ​​off 20 balls, including three fours and two sixes.

This wicket is not enough after Mushfiq-Mozdak.

Short Score:

Rajshahi kings(Ivan 74), Soumya 3, Marshal 1, Ten Dostat 28, Zakir 5, Yankar 36, Miras 10 *, Freelancing 1/31, Weim 0/16, Khalid 2/30, Sanjmal 1/19, Ravi 1/43, Delport 0/18)

Chittagong Vikings: 159/4 (Shehzad 25, Delport 1, Yasir 3, Mushfiqur 64 *, Sadhran 23, Mossadik 43, Cameron 0/39, Miraj 1/25, Sunny 3/22, Mofafiz 0/32, Kees 0/21 , Sulfate 0/20)

Fruit: Chittagong won six wickets for Vikings.

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