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Real Madrid Fallen into 28 million euros

Many have not heard his name. Ten years ago, Julian Foerbert came from Rid Madrid. But there was a bench of benches before the bench. And he'll get a bigger amount.

On February 2, 2009, he joined the French Winger Pierre Rale in the West Bank. But the bench took up the main task instead of changing the bench argument after a few matches. It is not impossible to go to bed to make the bench heat. But this joy will not last. Six months later he was forced to leave Real.

But in the beginning of the round, Phoebe was not bad. Their performance will be remembered for a long time in the AWA competition against Madrid, Madrid Athletic Club and Viral. However, in the match against the yellow submarine, the news was a news item sleeping on the bench. Laughs a laugh. Widespread agitation spreads through social networking.

What happened in the field, what happened in the weekend, but the bigger meaning was in the pocket. 28,000 Euros or 27 lakhs.

For six months Robert Frost returned to Westham. But you can not stand there. In fact, Westham can not last forever. His last name, ElaZeyer, Bordeaux, Kilmarnock and Inter-Turko are now based in the Indonesian club Borneo.

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