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Puri Cherry wants to become a heroine

Mashraf bin Moratasa is a successful captain of Bangladesh cricket team. Bangladesh are playing under their leadership in the Twenty20 World Cup. Tiger Captain, who was elected as a Member of Parliament, participated in the 11 parliamentary elections.

He was introduced to a new personality outside cricket. Mashraf is working in the field after joining the parliament. In the history of cricket, the role played by players in politics or politics is not new. However, there was no doubt that Mashraf joined politics but added to acting.

Mehraffe bin Mattzur, however, has acted as an actress, starring Pooja Cheri Mashrafi. If he is a Masharaf hero, he wants to be his heroine.

The worship video in social media recently is a viral. He said that he liked the mafraf. Also, the Muffafi's crush. He clearly said.

Pure Cherry recently passed a second test. The birth and dance of the dancer's dance is not about growing up in the world, but the promotion of cricket in the rest of the country.

There are so many stars in cricket, but the brother of Mishreib bin Moratasa is more similar. In fact, he was a driver for me.

He said that he is a very good player. If he says he is perfect, he is perfect. If he's a hero, I'll be heroin (this time also a shy in worship).

Mashrafe does not know if he is acting in Aash or not. There is no question of whether or not the film is about. But I do not think he (mafaraf) will not be cinema. This is not a thing that you want to investigate.

What would you do if you ever had a cash offering offer if you ever played a muschief? "Puri Cherry said," I'm definitely happy if I get the offer because I'm not such a big player, I have not seen him as a hero, But Butt are all the best, she's all over perfect and I definitely will play the offer.

I did not really think of playing cricket. He was thinking about playing cricket from his father. I took this idea from my father. How to play it and how to do it I can learn the game from class five times. When Bangladesh plays bad, it hurts. Bangladesh certainly can not, why?

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